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What a disappointing start to the season. Nothing else really to it - Villarreal took on two mid-table opponents, in two very winnable matches, and came away with a mere two points. Admittedly, yesterday's match isn't representative of much, considering that the teams were playing in the shallow end of the pool, but it doesn't numb the pain of being four points behind the likes of Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Honestly, the only thing that makes it any better is looking down at Atletico sitting (temporarily, of course) in the drop zone.

There was a sliver of good news to come out of the match. Somehow, in that slop, Villarreal managed to avoid any injuries (from what I can tell, since I can't find anything suggesting otherwise). I really don't know how that happened, but I am not going to worry about that aspect of it. I am just glad that we stayed healthy to take on the six matches coming up in the next three weeks. Currently, the only players who are recovering are Senna and Nilmar - two important pieces, for sure, but not an uncoverable situation. (If I am wrong about injuries, please correct me!)

And, the more I think about it, I guess I have to admit another positive to take away from the match. Rossi scored in La Liga for the first time in seven months - an eternity for a striker. He is showing incredible form so far this season, and looks like he could be setting himself up for his best season of his career.

And now for two non-Villarreal notes:

  • Diego Forlan apparently lost his position with Manchester United because he slipped in front of goal after deceiving Sir Fergie about what boots he was wearing on a wet pitch.
  • That was an incredible match by Argentine Juan Martin del Potro against Roger Federer.