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Match Thread: Villarreal 1 - 1 Mallorca

The match should be available on Leave all your in-match commentary here. ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!


Kqql and Kenez are correct. Angel starts in front of Javi Venta. The rest of the squad is: Lopez, Angel, Gonzalo, Godin, Capdevila, Cani, Eguren, Ibagaza, Cazorla, Rossi, Llorente.

Cazorla started on the left, and Cani on the right, which is unusual.

A great stream, with English language commentary is available on, "muchogol."

9' Rossi hits the post with a nearly perfect free kick. So close.

17' Llorente easily saved after being set up by Llorente. The entire game is moving down Cazorla's left side.

27' Capdevila thought he'd have a go from distance. Just over.

37' The rain starts to really come down.

42' Ibagaza fouled just outside of the box as the thunder rumbles through El Madrigal. Free kick coming...Ibagaza got cheeky, but just missed the outside of the post with a chip.

HT: 0-0. I think everyone is happy to get out of that lightning and rain. Nothing too exciting. Villarreal had the better side early on, but things ended up pretty tame as the half wore on. Villarreal are going to have to bring some ideas to the pitch to deal with the Mallorca defense as well as this weather.

48' Capdevila shoots wide while well offisde after a freekick. The pitch is basically a puddle.

49' Llorente plays the puddles beautifully to set up Cazorla, but his shot was blocked.

54' ROSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! The ball bounces all over the box, stalling here and there, and when Llorente's shot was saved, Rossi was there to drill it home! 1-0.

55' Pires on for Cani, Kqql gets his wish.

58' Fuster on for Ibagaza.

60' Roig is probably crying, thinking of how much it is going to cost to refurbish the rain! The rain seems to be stopping, but with so much rain coming so fast, it could take a while for it to drain out of there.

63' Rossi shoots just wide after a swell cross from Godin on the left.

72' The pitch seems to be getting better. It is probably still going to take a stroke of luck for any more goals to be scored today, though.

75' And there it is. Horrible luck, and a free kick for Mallorca is sent into the bottom corner of the goal. 1-1.

76' Capdevila picks up a yellow.

79' A shot for Cazorla is saved as things start to get desperate. These are vital three points.

82' Great shot from Pires, saved for a corner.

88' Capdevila just wide on a free kick. Not sure why he was the one to take that.

FT: 1-1. Poor way to finish off the match for Villarreal. We are sitting on two points from two matches, not in a great position in the league. Very disappointing stuff.