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Match Roster: Cacereño - Villarreal

Villarreal will play in a friendly away to Cacereño tomorrow at 8pm local time (thanks Kqql - I had no idea either). CP Cacereño is from the town of Cacereño, in western Spain, and plays in Segunda B (after gaining promotion from the Tercera last season).

Interestingly, the team will continue the practice of traveling on gameday, and will fly out at 10:15 tomorrow morning. As they are checking into a hotel, I assume they are staying the night afterwards, but I am still witholding judgment on this new travel policy.

The call for the match:

Keepers: Oliva and Diego López.
Defenders: Javi Venta, Gonzalo, Marcano, Kiko, Capdevila and Joan Oriol.
Midfielders: Ibagaza, Bruno, Marcos Gullón, Senna, Pires, Cazorla, Escudero and Cani.
Forwards: Jonathan, Nilmar, Llorente and Rossi.

With the number of B-squad players called, I would expect this to be a match heavy on secondary/younger players, especially after the recent match against Juventus (and all the travel).