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Europa Draw: NAC Breda

The Europa League draw happened this morning, and Villarreal have been matched up against NAC Breda, a Dutch side well known for its raucous home atmosphere. The matches will take place August 20th and 27th, with the first match in The Netherlands.

Going back to a point made by Kqql last week - NAC supporters are known as the "yellow army," and yes, the club's home jerseys are yellow. It looks like our away kit will come in handy this year after all.

From wikipedia, here is some background on the club name:

NAC was founded on September 19, 1912, when the two clubs ADVENDO and NOAD merged to one club. NOAD is a Dutch abbreviation for Nooit Opgeven, Altijd Doorzetten (English: never give up, always persevere), while ADVENDO is a Dutch abbreviation for Aangenaam Door Vermaak En Nuttig Door Ontspanning Combinatie (English: Pleasant for its entertainment and useful for its relaxation). The full name of NAC Breda expands to Nooit opgeven altijd doorzetten, Aangenaam door vermaak en nuttig door ontspanning, Combinatie, possibly the longest football club name in the world

I am sure the match will be pleasant for its entertainment and useful for its relaxation. Speaking of which, I think we should make a concerted effort at interaction with NAC's English-speaking fans. The club, interestingly, has a friendly relationship with Celtic. Sounds familiar.

The full draw can be found here.

PS: I know I am still having problems with the site. The plan is to correct that this weekend.