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Villarreal's Squad for the Juve Match

We should see a squad much more similar to what will be put forward for our first competitive match when Villarreal line up against Juventus tomorrow. The internationals have rejoined the fold, and we welcome Nilmar into his first match as a Villarreal player.

Keepers: Diego López, Oliva.
Defenders: Angel, Javi Venta, Capdevila, Marcano, Godin, Gonzalo. Midfielders: Bruno, Eguren, Escudero, Fuster, Cani, Pires, Ibagaza, Cazorla.
Forwards: Llorente, Jonathan Pereira, Nilmar and Rossi.

Juventus' official website has a nice article about Villarreal. One of the highlights:

Villareal has risen to the football top teams in the last ten years, since it won the promotion to the Primera Division in 1998. In just a few years, the team became one of the most important in Spain, thanks to the transfer market managed by Fernando Roig, who managed to sign important players spending very little on the South American market, starting from former Juventus player Juan Pablo Sorin who joined Villareal in 2006, Brazilian born and Spanish citizenship holder Marcos Senna as well as promising youngsters like Giuseppe Rossi who has become a strong point of the Italian national team.

Now if we can just keep Juve from surreptitiously signing Rossi away from us while Llaneza is not looking, that would be great!