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Jozy to England Today? Yes.

Edit: According to Jozy's twitter page (thanks MCA), he has been loaned to Hull City for the year. We'll continue to keep up with him here. Hopefully he won't drown in a very difficult fight to avoid relegation and will come out stronger on the other side.


Not sure exactly where in England, but Jozy Altidore (according to his twitter page) flew to England today. This could be either a loan or transfer opportunity, and it could be with one of three clubs: Everton, Fulham, or Hull City, all of which have shown strong interest, and possibly put forth bids for his services. The English press thinks it will be a loan deal. One way or another, he will not be in yellow this season. More to come here later.

Quick injury update: Fabricio Fuentes is not training with the group at the moment, as he has a slight injury (not sure what it is). But it is reportedly nothing serious, and he should be back to full speed soon. No one else on the squad is slowed by injury at the moment.