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News and Notes

This was to be up last night, but continuing server problems got me again. I expect to change hosts this weekend, so the problem should be corrected.

Villarreal could be set to send Jozy Altidore on his way, as Hull City are apparently thinking of an $11m (6.5m pounds) bid for his services on a permanent basis. The talk of the week has been that Villarreal have been considering a permanent move for the young American, and this may be it.

I also note that an $11m sale could also go a long way towards balancing the budget that Kqql is positive can only be done by the sale of Rossi or Santi....

A number of B players are being sent back to the B squad for the season (unless they are to be called up for individual matches), with the return of Villarreal's internationals. Juan Carlos, Matilla, and Joan Oriol are with the Segunda side. Interestingly, El Periodico Mediterraneo suggests that the final decision has not been made on Montero, but that it looks like he will be going to the youth side as well.

In injury news, Marcos Senna is back training with the first team, but is still not at full fitness. It could still take him right up until the beginning of the season to be in match form, which, in the long run, might be a great thing considering his age and his history of tiring midseason.

And speaking of Senna, he and Nilmar are already best buds off the pitch. He is "delighted" with the Brazilian's arrival, declaring him the best striker in Brazil. Nilmar has begun to practice with the team. He has also started to settle into his new life - it is big news, I know, but he went out on his first Spanish shopping trip the other day, and is looking for a place to live!

And in Villarreal B news, they played a friendly against Qatar Sport Club yesterday. Marco Ruben recovered quickly enough from the Bordeaux friendly to score a double in the 4-0 win.