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Result: Villarreal 6-1 NAC Breda

Highlights of first 4 goals

First of all, if you happen to be in Vila-Real for this match, watch out for the guy on the right.

Use this thread for match commentary. Being a Thursday at a 2:30 start time, I am stuck at work.

Nick, Sidarth, if by chance you are able to watch the match, please feel free to take this thread over.


You can find match streams at If you just want to follow play-by-play (i.e., if you are stuck at work without access to streaming media), you can go to this link.

Villarreal lineup:

13 Diego López
4 Diego Godín
5 Capdevila
8 Santi Cazorla
9 Llorente
10 Cani
11 Ibagaza
15 Fabricio Fuentes
18 Ángel
19 Senna
22 Rossi

16' Cazorla scores! That should make things pretty comfortable score-wise for the rest of the match - but it could make it less comfortable foul-wise, as NAC gets frustrated. Villarreal 1-0 Breda.

22' Goal Rossi! From a PK. 2-0.

37' Goal Rossi! Another from PK spot. 3-0.

HT: Villarreal 3-0 NAC Breda. Not a bad result at all so far. Good things are brewing for this season....

46' Jonathan Pereira (in) - Rossi (out)

46' Goal Senna! 4-0.

52' Kiko in for Godin, I believe.

57' Goal Pereira! 5-0. What a wonderful day this is turning into!

58' Fuster on for Senna.

61' Goal Kiko! Off a corner. 6-0.

80' Goal De Graaf. No clean sheet today... 6-1.

90' Ibagaza picks up a yellow. Unfortunate.

FT: 6-1. Aggregate 9-2. I think we might survive in the post-Pellegrini era.