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Match Thread : NAC Breda v Villarreal CF

EDIT : Ah a good win, now Ibagaza's goal was a really delightful one. He was a good 30 yards out directly in front of the goals. The goalkeeper was lining his wall up from the left hand post. Ibagaza just dinked the ball into the far corner. Sounds ok, it's been done before. Now the problem I would have if I was a Breda fan was that the referee seemed to clearly say wait for the whistle. In a clip shown after the goal, it shows Ibagaza placing the ball with Cani and Senna standing beside him. The ref can clearly be seen brandishing his whistle as if to say wait until I blow it. Directly after he does that Ibagaza curls the ball into the net. The ref signals a goal and that's that. However I would feel seriously aggrieved if I was playing for the team in yellow tonight!

Ibagaza goal

Games kicked off, pitch is absolutely soaking wet as are all the players. Rain looks to have stopped now though. Lineup is per maddi's prediction except that Nilmar starts instead of Joseba.
We look weird in black!

12' We have had a lot of possesion. Nilmar looks sharp, Santi has just won a freekick in a good area

14' 0-1 Rosssssssssi!!!!!!!!

16' 1-1 Bad defending on our part!

27' Godin has a header saved after good work from Ibagaza.

28' Senna sends a piledriver narrowly wide!

33' Nilmar draws another foul and a yellow card for the Dutch.

41' Senna forces a great save from the opposition goalkeeper

43' Angel joins Senna on a yellow card

44' Tempers flare! Disgraceful stuff from the Breda 10, pushes Gonzalo and goes down holding his face!

45' Another incident I think involving the same number 10 sees Cani on the ground holding his face

The referee blows for half time. We are by far the better side but they can still pose the odd problem. WE MUST KEEP CALM! Senna and Angel are right on the edge and we cannot afford to get involved in a scrap. Ibagaza is running the show and Nilmar is causing real problems along with Rossi. We should leave here with a win.

46' Second half begins

47' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! IBAGAZAZAZAZZA!!!! He curls in a freekick whilst the keeper is setting up the wall ! Genius!!!!

51' I'm off now! But I have seen something that will make Ibagaza's goal extremely controversial! I'll update later tonight!


UPDATE: This is maddi. I'll take over the updates, but being at work, I am limited pretty much to goals and yellow cards. Anyone watching is invited to provide more info in the comments. 59', still 1-2.

59' Cazorla picks up a yellow card. This is a lot of yellow for the first European match of the season.

66' Substitution: Giuseppe Rossi off for Llorente.

67' Substitution NAC: Martijn Reuser off, Donny Gorter on.

75' Nilmar is replaced by Robert Pires. Score is still 1-2.

77' Edwin de Graaf is taken off, Fouad Idabdelhay is on.

80' Our last substitution: David Fuster replaces Ariel Ibagaza. That is some faith shown in the youngster by Valverde.

85' Five minutes from full time, with a one-goal lead.

87' Tim Gilissen is off, Rob Penders is on for NAC.

90+3' LLORENTE!! No idea about the circumstances of the goal, but 1-3 after the first leg is AMAZING!

And that is fulltime. What a way to start the season! That's all from me - I'll leave the rest to Nick, and his investigation into Ibagaza's goal!