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New Kits & Jozy Loan Rumor

Here is the new "kit", courtesy of Samuel.

I like the black lettering. Not sure about the new socks, but I guess they could be worse. Glad we went back to the black away kit - I wasn't a huge fan of the blue one we had last year.

On the Jozy news aisle, he has been linked to the well-historied, but recently struggling St. Etienne in France. This is from tribalfootball, so who knows if it is based on anything other than a whim of someone working for that questionable site. The interest from Olympiakos has apparently cooled, but can't be counted out altogether.

Marcos Senna is not yet at full strength, but has said that he expects to be at 100 percent by next week. That might get him a little bit of time in the Juve match, but I wouldn't count on it.

Villarreal B won their friendly against third division side Torrellano today, 0-3. Joan Tomas (38'), Robert Flores (55'), and Ochoa (60') scored for Villarreal.

Villarreal's friendly against Bordeaux begins at 1pm eastern time tomorrow. It is being televised in Spain, so there should be a feed available on Anyone care to predict a result?

And since I like the picture, here is a Fernando Roig who appears very happy with the way things are looking heading into the new season as he leaves Nilmar's unveiling.