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Preseason Matchday: Villarreal - Genoa

Villarreal will have an opportunity to gain another preseason victory today against Italian competition, taking on Genoa in a the Trofeo de la Ceramica at El Madrigal. Villarreal have looked strong this preseason, with the only "dropped points" coming away to Bordeaux.

Villarreal do not have a full-strength team, as many players have not returned from international duties, and by the end of the match, it will probably look like Villarreal B was invited to the tournament. The squad for the match:

Keepers: Oliva, Juan Carlos.
Defenders: Ángel, Kiko, Gonzalo, Fuentes, Marcano, Javi Venta and Joan Oriol.
Midfielders: Cristóbal, Pires, Senna, Marcos, Ibagaza, Bruno, Matilla, Cani and Fuster.
Forwards: Llorente, Jonathan and Marco Ruben.

Fuentes has returned to match fitness, after having been out recently, but Villarreal lose Escudero, who has achilles tendonitis.

Leave match commentary here. ENDAVANT!