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Result: Cacereño 1 – 2 Villarreal

Not much to say about the result, without having been able to watch the match. The score was not overwhelming, but looking at the lineup and the changes made, it is clear that Villarreal were looking to get some extra time on the pitch more than a heavy victory.

Keeper: Oliva
Defenders: Venta (Senna 66?), Gonzalo (Kiko 46?), Marcano, Capdevila (Oriol 46?)
Midfielders: Pires (Cazorla 46?), Ibagaza (Gullón 56?), Bruno, Escudero (Cani 46?)
Forwards: Llorente (Nilmar 66?), Jony (Rossi 46?)


0-1 Llorente @ 10?
0-2 Llorente @ 32?
1-2 Rai @ 81? (penalty)

Thank you to kqql for the match information.