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Round Up.

So lets just recap on the events of the past few weeks. Thanks for the summary kqql, I'm just going to quote you here :

Franco (CF) -> Contract not renewed
Cygan (CD) -> Contract not renewed
Viera (GK) -> Contract not renewed
Nihat (SS/CF) -> Sold to Besiktas (for 4.5M Euros)
Mati (MF) -> Sold to Sporting (for approx 3.6M Euros)

Jonathan Pereira (SS) (back from loan from Racing)
Oliva (GK) – > On a free transfer from Castellón
Marcano (CD/LB) -> From Racing for 6M Euros

In market for 1 CF, 1 MF

Dutra (MF) -> From Brazil (to be loaned out to get experience)
Renan (MF) -> From Brazil (to be loaned out to get experience)
Fuster (MF) -> From Elche CF (to be loaned out to get experience)
Montero (MF) -> From Ecuador (to be loaned out to get experience)
Kuqi (FW) -> From Vëllaznimi (to be loaned out to get experience

You can add Robert Flores and Marco Ruben to the list of players needing to be loaned out. On David Fuster, I think that he is 26 years old so it would be a bit late for him to be loaned out for experience. Possibly he could play with the B team in order to give them a bit of experience. I have heard nothing about this guy Kuqi, and the only source available is Wikipedia so we will have to wait and see what comes of it.

Damian Escudero, well it remains to be seen if he will be with us next season. Personally I think he could give us something. Valverde likes to have a bit of width in his teams and that is something that Escudero can definitely bring. There's also Marquitos, who returns from a spell with Real Sociedad in the Segunda. Cesar Arzo has come in from Recre but with the signing of Marcano his future is uncertain. I would say it depends on whether Fuentes stays with us.

Kenez mentioned Nani in the previous post, I agree I can't see us taking a player like him and I would not like to see him at all!

Now I have just come across a crazy piece of news on, they have taken it from a story in Marca. Here's the link. It says that Nihat has not gone to Turkey to play for Besiktas but to do his army service. I don't know what to make of it! What do you guys think?