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new numbers for a new season...

Hello from New Delhi, India. Not too much on the Nilmar signing here, unsurprisingly. But the ManUtd-Real Madrid "spat" is not entirely ignored; I guess it only takes the two biggest clubs in the world to argue to get some coverage.

Maddi covered a lot of the most recent Submarino news, but I was intrigued by the numbers announced for the new season. Two changes from last season: Llorente moves to the traditional center forward #9 (I think he earned it based on last year's performance) and Fuentes takes #15. I guess Guille Franco and Nihat's numbers will not be permanently retired by the club...just kidding.

For the new signings: Oliva is #1 (replacing Viera; isn't it strange for the backup GK to have that number again?), Marcano is #20 (Fuentes' old number), and Jony Pereira is #23 (was that his number in his first stint with the club?). Nilmar does not have a number yet; he will choose from 3, 12, 16, and 25. I'll say 12. Any takers? He should don one of said numbers at tomorrow's press conference.

Most interesting of all: David Fuster has been assigned #14 (replacing Mati) and Damian Escudero is #24. I figured Escudero would make the team, considering Mati's departure, but Fuster must have really impressed Valverde. To go from on loan at Elche to first team is quite a feat, considering he vaulted Jordi Pablo and Matilla (who played for the first team last year, though Fuster was not available). Also, Ruben and Jozy have not received a number, which is attributed to the possibility that they may not make the first team.

That makes 22 players for the first team: 2 goalkeepers, 7 defenders, 9 midfielders, and 4 strikers. I'll say that Ruben stays and Jozy goes out on loan, just because he is a more valuable asset to other teams (not to mention that another team may pay something for his services, and we need to balance this year's books). After some time with Recre in the Primera, it's more of a make-or-break year for Marco. And I have a feeling that we will need to replace Rossi and/or Santi after this year, so we need Ruben's services.