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Another News Update

Sorry about the site going down for a bit yesterday, for anyone who experienced it. Not sure in the end exactly what happened, but I have to say that the response by my web hosts at deserves compliment.

For those waiting on pins and needles to join the fans at the unveiling of Nilmar at El Madrigal, you are going to have to wait to tomorrow - his flight was delayed leaving Brazil, and he won't make it in time for today's show.

Santi Cazorla is limping at the moment. He injured his right ankle when tackled by Matilla during practice, and had to miss the end of Tuesday's practice. It is nothing serious, though, and in all likelihood he is already back to full strength, as this is going up two days late!

Celta de Viga is looking at Ruben as a possible loan for the season. Such a move makes little sense for Villarreal, though, as Ruben has been playing in the Primera for a couple of seasons now, and the club has not shown a lot of interest in the move.

In sad news, Villarreal have sold Jordi Pablo to Malaga. Jordi, one of the up and coming stars on the Spanish international scene, has signed a four year deal with the club. Villarreal did retain, though, an option to repurchase him during the first three years of his deal. Hopefully we will see him return to El Madrigal - I was really looking forward to seeing him in the starting eleven before long.

And lastly, Juan Pablo Sorin, former Villarreal rightback, has announced his retirement after a string of injuries over the last few years. He was definitely one of my favorite players when I began to follow the club, and I was sad to see his move to the Bundesliga a couple of years ago.