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I haven't left yet, Nick! ;)

Not out the door yet, but I will be away for a few days. Before I go though, I wanted to add my excitement to the Ivan Marcano signing. With the likes of Godin, Gonzalo, Arzo, Marcano, and Fuentes in the centerback position, we will have a complete central-defensive squad for the first time in a while. Excellent move by the men upstairs!

Also, as exavi pointed out, the Negredo rumors are boiling again. If we manage to hold on to Rossi and Llorente (there was a rumor about Bilbao being interested the other day), and add Negredo, we would have a truly spectacular team.

It would be great to add another midfielder, but even if we had to call one up from our youth ranks or one of our loanees (or even one of our recent signings), I would be perfectly content. The midfield is pretty deep as is, especially considering the way Cani closed out the season and the fact that Cazorla will be back healthy next year.

Wow. I am very excited - and that could double or even triple if Negredo is waiting on the bench when I get back from my hike on Monday....

To all those in the States, happy 4th of July.