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News Update

So, with nothing coming of it so far, it looks like the rumors of his completed sale were just that - rumors. Today, if somehow you missed it, Milan's official website announced the capture of Giuseppe, only to immediately remove the announcement without another word.

Marcos Senna finally returned to the fold today, after being out for the last three months with a torn muscle in his right thigh. His return is vital to a squad that will be walking the injury tightrope all season long - especially in the defensive midfield, where only Senna, Eguren (suspended for the first match), and Bruno will be available on a regular basis. With three weeks to prepare, he should be ready to start in week one.

The rest of the internationals returned today as well. Santi, Capdevila, Altidore, Diego Lopez, and Rossi all joined the team to begin training for the upcoming year.

A week or two ago, Ibagaza was linked with a return to Argentina for the upcoming year in a surprise sale. According to El Cano, he's not going anywhere.

And lastly, it seems our old poacher Guille Franco has relearned how to score goals - here is the final dagger in US hearts from last night's thumping at the hands of El Tri.