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Make It Official

Well, Villarreal have announced that they have acquired Nilmar Honorato da Silva, striker, from Internacional de Porto Alegre. Various press reports are putting the final pricetag at 15m euros. This purchase is easily the most Villarreal have paid for any player to date, and clearly shows that the club highly values the Brazilian international.

Now, questions will begin to seriously surround where he will fit into the lineup. Villarreal are expected to keep Rossi, Llorente, Pereira, and Nilmar as strikers, which means three smaller players, one who has a bit of height, and really no one with the strength to go up against a very strong centerback. Valverde's use of this group of players may well decide the outcome of Villarreal's season. Of course, the final destination for Ruben and Altidore, two players with a bit more physical strength, has yet to be determined - but neither are expected to stay with the team once the regular season begins.

Other news:

A rumor worth mentioning: Soon-to-be-star midfielder Jordi Pablo, who currently plays with Villarreal's B side, is receiving serious inquiries for a season-long loan deal. Tenerife appear to be the frontrunners, but Malaga and Deportivo have also expressed interest. A year playing in the Primera could make him a sure addition to Villarreal's first team next season.

And the news that is graying the skies over Vila-Real, that concerning the alleged financial corruption in the years 2004-2005, is still a long way from being cleared up. Villarreal have adamantly denied any wrongdoing. This legal case could have a dramatic effect on the future of the club, though. Hopefully things will be cleared up quickly.