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Vilamalla 0-10 Villarreal

Jonathan Pereira's scoring streak hasn't stopped. He notched three more in the first half of this morning's match against Vilamalla, giving him a total of 10 in the fairly easy portion of the preseason. Pereira should not get too sure of himself - last year Guille Franco was the scoring leader in the preseason, only to finish with zilch when it counted. Other scorers on the day included Pires (3), Llorente (2), Fuster (1), and Ruben (1). The matches should get a little more interesting from here on out.


First Half (4-4-2): Juan Carlos; Venta, Gonzalo, Fuentes, Marcano; Cani, Bruno, Fuster, Escudero; Jony and Llorente.

Second Half (4-2-3-1): Oliva; Ángel, Godin, Eguren, Joan Oriol; Matilla, Pires; Montero, Ibagaza, Marcos García; and Marco Ruben.

Notably, Valverde switched up the lineups for his two different formations. You can check out the personnel variations for the 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 lineups in this previous post.