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Internacional Affair

The plot thickens with our Nilmar chase, yesterday we had an official €13 Million bid rejected. This morning there was talk of us offering a part ownership deal, for example 80% of his rights for the 13 mill. This afternoon however according to Brazilian sports daily Globo Esportes Internacional have accepted a €15.5 million offer from German side and Bundesliga champions Wolfsburg. They already possess a very potent attack in Edin Dzeko and Grafite but they clearly feel that Nilmar can add to their forward line.

As kqql said they will probably be able to offer him a higher wage and there is the factor of Champions League football next season. On the other hand he has publicly acknowledged our interest and has seemed open to a Spanish move. I suppose it depends on how highly we rate him, if we match the Wolfsburg bid then I would be confident of winning the race.

By all accounts Inter are not pushed to sell, and I have been assured ( quite sharply) by their fans that they do not need to sell Nilmar. They do have young Taison who is looking like a readymade replacement so I would think they should cash in now no matter how financially secure they say they are.

€15 million is a lot of money, would Negredo be available for that much? Would he be available without including Cazorla in the deal? Would you prefer a proven Liga goalscorer or a little bit of Brazilian magic? These are the questions that Roig and Llaneza are surely debating at this very moment! We will have to wait and see, and yes I am very proud of my headline.