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More Points

Just a couple of additions on the ridiculous 0-27 "jogo bonito" thrashing of brave but outmatched Navata.

Villarreal lined up for the first have in a 4-2-3-1: Oliva; Venta, Fuentes, Godin, Oriol; Eguren, Ibagaza; Montero, Pirès, Escudero; and Joseba Llorente. According to El Periodico Mediterraneo (and Navata's coach), Jefferson Montero was the star of the match, with his five assists in addition to his two goals. Out of the 11 first half goals scored, he was intimately involved in seven (out of the first eight), and apparently was the most dangerous man on the pitch.

The second half saw a 4-4-2 formation: Juan Carlos; Angel, Gonzalo, Arzo, Marcano; Cani, Matilla, Marcos, Fuster; Pereira, and Ruben. Jonathan Pereira scored an impressive seven goals, as the team got even hotter in the second half, scoring the final 16.

Not a bad way to start off Valverde's tenure as manager!

By the way, if anyone comes across any highlights, please post them here.