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Still in Need of a Striker

Alvaro Negredo, as unlikely as he was to begin with, is even more so now. The Mirror (and in turn, are reporting that Madrid and Tottenham have come to terms over a 15m euro deal to send him to London.

Nilmar is still a very real possibility - and Kqql (usually reliable on these sorts of things) says that Villarreal are offering 13m euros for him, versus a 15m euro bid from Wolfsburg. El Periodico Mediterraneo quotes Nilmar saying there is no chance he will go to Germany - he wants to be in Spain.

Of course, Nilmar would leave us a bit heavy on the smaller strikers. At about 5'11", he's not short, but he wouldn't dominate in the air, either. Having Rossi and Jonathan alongside him, that would only leave Llorente as a true frontman. Would it be worth keeping a fifth striker on the books to solve this problem, like we tried in the first half last year? Options include Ruben - who wants to stay at Villarreal - or Jozy - who is probably heading off to Olympiakos.

So it is all still a little fuzzy, but the picture looks to be getting a bit clearer. The cards need to be played soon - the season starts in just a little over a month!