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Cazorla or Negredo?

It's a tough question. Supposedly Pellegrini really want's Santi at Madrid and we really want Negredo here. Firstly I don't want to see Santi go simply because he is such a great guy. He always comes across as so genuine and always up for a bit of craic. I wouldn't want him to get involved in the theatrics in the capital. Yes Pellegrini want's him now but there is no guarantee that he will be there in six months and where will that leave Santi? Look at what's happened to Van der Vaart and Sneijder.

So thats the personal reasons for not wanting Santi to depart but could we manage without him if he was to go? The only way I would possibly consider him going would be if Negredo headed in our direction. Then we'd have to look at our own midfield. Cani, Ibagaza and Pires will definitely be there, the possibility of Escudero staying seems to grow by the day. Valverde appears to be considering David Fuster as well. Even with that wealth of talent Santi would still be missed, so I would have to say that he's worth more to us than Negredo. For the balance of the squad I think keeping Cazorla has to be a priority! Remember he has turned down/made a fool of Madrid before, hopefully he will do it again! What do you guys think?