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Pellegrini's A-Comin'

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It didn't take long. Gonzalo and Godin are both linked out of Villarreal, with Pellegrini showing interest in bringing his old defensive duo to the capital. Likewise, there are rumors that Cazorla could be following Pellegrini's footsteps to Madrid.

The player I would most hate to lose would be Santi. Could we survive without Cazorla? It might dent our hopes for next year, but I think we could easily survive. Cani has taken off with more playing time, and we have been good at developing young midfield talent. It might take another year to get another truly potent midfield, but it would be possible.

I think Pellegrini would be a bit crazy, though, to come for G&G. Villarreal's defense this past year was simply not what it had been. They were good, but the were not great. And Gonzalo's clause is probably way to high for even Madrid to think about. Unfortunately, though, Godin's clause is pretty low for the quality of player he is.

If they went, it could be an impressive haul for Villarreal. As kqql pointed out, the lowest buyout clause is that of Godin (20m euros). Gonzalo's is 45m, and Cazorla's a whopping 80m. Obviously, players never go for full buyout clause rates, but imagine how well Villarreal would be doing if they sold the three of them. Not that I want to - do not get me wrong - but with Pellegrini at Madrid, with a huge transfer kitty, it could be hard to keep any players that he wants.