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Lots of Rumors

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Various reports have been linking players with El Madrigal as of late. None appear to carry all that much substance at the moment, but they include:

  • Mexican Paraguayan striker Salvador Cabañas (new marca link)
  • Recreativo midfielder/striker Javier Camuñas
  • Getafe midfielder Esteban Granero (!!) (would require working with Madrid, which might be easier these days)
  • Juan Arongo ( saying Valverde isn't interested, but marca saying otherwise)
  • Duda, midfielder who is owned by Sevilla, but played on loan with Malaga this past year, scoring 4 goals in 24 appearances.
  • And ongoing reports suggesting Jonathan Pereira, Jozy Altidore, Cesar Arzo, Escudero, Marco Ruben and Robert Flores (some or all) might be on their way in, and Gonzalo, Godin, and Rossi might be on their way out. (Any reports on Gonzalo seem foolish, as he has recently signed an extension). is also suggesting that Valverde has no plans to act until he gets to see the side and assess them in person mid-July. Based on the timing of the season, and the fact that two weeks later the club will be in Chile, I do not see Villarreal waiting that long.