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Would You Trade Senna?

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This is obviously not going to happen, but Tottenham have allegedly asked for Senna, Eguren, plus cash for Roman Pavlyuchenko. First off, he is simply not that important of a player.

My primary thought when reading that article, though, circled around Marcos Senna. He has been vital to the squad for a number of years now, but I began to think if this might be a prime time to get maximum value for him. He is 32 at the moment, so his ability to play the way he does for entire matches (and the entire season) will begin to wane. Plus, Villarreal played exceptionally well during the last few weeks without him this past season. Of course, who knows what Valverde's thoughts would be on the matter.

So, would you sell Senna in this type of exchange for the right player? Is Pavlyuchenko the right player? Would you even think of selling Senna at all?