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And Striker Rumors

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Now, with Guille Franco out, Villarreal have been linked to Paraguayan Salvador Cabañas, a striker currently with America in Mexico. He scored 13 goals last season.

This would really shock me. Right now it is almost definite that Llorente and Nihat will be back next year (you can almost hear Kqql pointing out that Nihat didn't score this year....) Rossi very well might be gone. But we have a host of players out on loan at the moment - Jonathan Periera, Jozy Altidore, Marco Ruben. Not to mention a couple of quality frontment on Villarreal B (including Joan Tomas). I would expect us to pull in at least one of our loanees (Jonathan most likely), and perhaps, if Rossi leaves, sign a somewhat big-name forward. I don't see Salvador Cabañas being that guy.