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Juan Arango & the Attacking Midfield

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Villarreal have been linked with FCD Mallorca/Venezuela captain Juan Arango, who plays in an attacking midfield role. He is in Venezuela at the moment, so if this is true, it might not happen immediately.

Does the squad need another attacking midfielder? Currently in the offensive midfield role, we have Cazorla, Cani, Mati, Ibagaza, and Pires. Plus, on loan we have Escudero and Flores. It is a pretty full group. I do not know if we need to add another midfielder, unless one or more of our current squad are leaving.

I do not know if any of them would leave, though. I could see Mati Fernandez being sold over the summer. The only reasons I would suggest that being because he has never reached his potential (although he showed flashes, for sure), and because his Chilean head coach has moved on, which might have been what kept him on the sideline match after match without complaint.

I think Cazorla would be the only other player to attract serious attention, but with him just having signed a long-term extension and having turned down Real Madrid last summer, I do not see that happening unless he has a real problem with Valverde, or if Pellegrini comes after him.

If Mati Fernandez left, I could see Escudero might come in to take his place. But I do not know if he got enough experience with Valladolid for the club to be comfortable with him yet - 7 starts, 8 substitute appearances.