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Just a couple of updates.

Jozy started again today against Brazil. He had a few nice moments, but he did not have much presence on the field. I won't beat a dead horse with my opinion on his off-the-ball movement, but he definitely did not have that going for him today. It was not a bad two weeks for him, though, as he earned the corner that initially gave the US hope against Italy, and scored a goal against Spain that he will be able to rue over Capdevila for the rest of his career. Second place for the USMNT is much more than they could have expected going in (although they did it in a roundabout way with two wins, three losses, and a negative goal differential - but they did improve when it counted!).

In club-specific news:

The sale of Mati is basically official at this point. Although he has not signed the contract yet, the deal is agreed to by all sides, including the player himself. The price came to just under 5m euros, plus 15% of the sales price for Matias' rights if Sporting ends up selling him.

Villarreal continue to show interest in three main players to strengthen the squad. Up front, where a striker is needed, Roman Pavlyuchenko is the main target. He was purchased last year by Tottenham for 16 or 17m euros, but did not find favor with new boss Harry Redknapp. Tottenham are keen on retaining his full price on exit, but it is clear Villarreal would not be interested (and El Periodico Mediterraneo reports that Llaneza went to London last week aiming at the Russian) if they didn't think he could be obtained a little cheaper.

In midfield, Villarreal are looking at Malagan midfielder Apoño. The midfielder scored 9 goals this term for Malaga, and has an exit clause of 6m euros. Again, that is probably not a clause Villarreal would be willing to reach, but perhaps a lower bid?

And on defense, as noted here the other day, Iván Marcano is the target. He can play both left back and center back, both positions that need more depth. He is young, too, and a bit of youth could be a positive step for Villarreal. His clause is 20m euros.