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A Fond Farewell

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Things have finally begun to work themselves out as the transfer season swings into full gear for Villarreal. There are new faces, and some that will be greatly missed. Also, at least one that seemed sure to go a week and a half ago suddenly seems almost a sure thing for next year. A lot of these things have already been discussed a bit in the comments - thanks for keeping the site up to date when I haven't been able to!

Nihat has completed his move to Besiktas. He will be with his boyhood club, where, hopefully he and his family will be happy. I know I will miss him, and I know many readers here feel the same way. He was a great player, a great member of the team, and a great person. Best of luck, Nihat!

Mati Fernandez will also soon be a former Villarreal player, having come to personal terms with Sporting Lisbon. A "crack" who never quite lived up to his potential at Villarreal, for reasons probably not all his fault, he too will be missed here. He stayed positive despite long periods on the bench, and always put forth tremendous effort. He was always one of my favorite players.

Newspapers have reported that there is a possibility of Jozy Altidore going to Greece. Chances are very slim though, as Villarreal will be looking to give him the highest competition possible. I think it is likely he will be loaned out for another year, but I would expect it to be to a Primera or Premiereship team.

With those moves completed, and a likely 4m or so euros coming in from the eventual transfer of Antonio Valencia by Wigan (we had a clause in the contract when we sold him to Wigan), Villarreal have a little money to spend. Villarreal are looking for a replacement for Nihat (and Guille Franco), and Roman Pavlyuchenko is being rumored as a possible signing. Apparently he is not happy at Tottenham, but who knows if we will have the ability to pull him in. He hasn't been at his top form there, but he has definitely shown some magic at times - I would be happy to see him don the Yellow. But he is, in all likelihood, too expensive.

Villarreal are also apparently intersted in Iván Marcano, a central defender/leftback for Racing Santander. He is only 22 and has Spanish roots.

Villarreal have signed David Fuster to a contract extension through 2013, and is expected to be with Villarreal's first team next season. Along with him El Periodico Mediterraneo suggests that Damien Escudero and Jonathan Pereira are both being considered by Valverde for first team positions.