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Altidore Moves US Past Spain

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In a huge upset in the Confederations Cup, the United States Men's National Team has defeated the number one team in the world. Jozy scored an impressive first goal after holding off Joan Capdevila and making a great turn. Here's the highlight:

So, did his performance today earn him a spot of Villarreal's roster? Even though he played well, he still needs to start putting more effort in when he doesn't have the ball. If he played with Donovan's effort, who knows how good he could be. Rumors are that Fulham are looking to buy him.

Villarreal have determined who will warm the bench waiting for some reason Diego Lopez can't play next year: Xavi Oliva, the 33-year-old former keeper from Castellon. Any Vila-Real locals know much about him?

Also, Villarreal will again be playing in (and perhaps again being slaughtered by Valladolid in) el Trofeo Ciudad de Valladolid this summer as preparation for the upcoming season. However, it looks like they have canceled their trip to Chile - not sure of the details.

This allegedly came from Rossi's agent:

"The player is in a difficult situation. He is happy at Villarreal where we are trying to renew his contract but, without a shadow of a doubt, if we received a call from a big club, we would answer it."

This is the first I have heard about anyone trying to renew his contract. Not that I have a problem with that - I am all for it (with a much higher clause as well). But I would be really shocked if he was interested in this, as he obviously is trying to move to Italy sometime soon.

Also, Matias Fernandez is expected to complete his transfer to Sporting tomorrow, with Villarreal retaining a buyback right.