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And This Rumor Is Finally Here

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It was only a matter of time before Milan were seriously rumored to be considering a bid for Giuseppe Rossi. Rossi, who grew up a Milan fan, would seem to be an easy fit with the Rossoneri (although I am not sure how well he would line up alongside Pato, if he sticks around). And Milan, with pockets flush with Real Madrid's money, could afford a big buyout. Villarreal continue to hold fast to the 40m euro price tag, but Rossi's agent said that he believed a fee in the region of 25m to 28m euros could seal the deal.

And more Real Madrid money is haunting us from far-away shores: as Manchester United's potential bid for Victor Valdes seems to be scuppered, stories suggesting they are coming after Diego Lopez have resurfaced. They are dripping in money at the moment, having offloaded Ronaldo, and could come up with the 20m euro fee. As Villarreal have virtually clammed up any talk of selling Lopez, it seems it would take a nearly full-price offer for the club to consider the move.