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Thursday Roundup

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Still no word on any transfers happening, but there is some good news. It seems that Villarreal and Diego Lopez have agreed to hold off on listening to offers this summer. According to, there is a clause in the original sale contract for Lopez that says if he is sold within the first two years, Madrid get half. Clearly that would not be a very advantagous situation for Villarreal. Hopefully, this agreement between Lopez and the club can hold up to whatever offers are received from clubs such as Manchester United and Barcelona [Victor Valdes renewed his contract today] this summer.

The Rossi to Juventus rumors continue to be tossed about. Nothing is happening as of yet though.

Mati Fernandez hasn't moved out yet, but it is just a matter of time. Sporting seems the sure choice.

Javad Nekounam said that he is not very interested in a move to Villarreal, as he finds himself quite comfortable at Osasuna.