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Some Rumors - Because They're Fun

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First, a bit of news. Fernando Roig has announced the Villarreal is cutting its budget by 15 percent to 70m euros for next season in order to remain economically safe for the upcoming year. While it may be an unappetizing change, it is hard to find fault in a strategy that has brought Villarreal from nothing to greatness over the last decade or so. If nothing else, we can be confident that we will not go the likes of some recent Spanish clubs who have reached a temporary high, only to be knocked into relegation because of financial troubles.

And in even bigger news, Giuseppe Rossi dedicated his brace to last night. Oh, wait - what? He dedicated it to his family in the US, not his fans on this site? Oh. Sorry about that. ;)

And now onto the rumors....

Villarreal have been linked to Osasuna's Iranian midfielder Javad Nakounam, with a possible loan of Matigol going the other way in order to lessen the 5m euro buyout clause.

Rumors still about about a possible Trezeguet/Rossi switch, however unlikely that might be. According to the always reliable, Trezeguet is willing to take a pay cut and accept a 3m euro per season deal. Juve would also have to throw in about 18m euros to sweeten the pot. After last night, I think Villarreal could require a few million extra euros to make the deal, as his value in Italy surely shot up a bit.

Villarreal have been linked to Swiss international/Arsenal second-choice defender Philippe Senderos, who is returning to Arsenal from a loan spell in Milan. Also in the mix for the heighty centerback's services are Fiorentina and Roma. While he is a skilled player, he is better known for his failures than his successes. There have already been rumblings of discontent in the comments on this site. I think he might be worth a move for the right price.

As always, stay tuned....