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Transfer Rumors

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More transfer rumors abound. Nothing too much of substance, but worth mentioning anyway.

Villarreal's star striker Giuseppe Rossi continues to be linked to Italian teams, including Genoa and Juventus. In a very interesting rumor, Juve are said to be willing to part with 18m euros and 31-year-old (32 in October) David Trezeguet. Rossi's buyout clause is the virtually impossible 40m euros, but I think we all know that for the right price, he could be on his way out as Villarreal tries to protect itself against the financial crisis.

Villarreal have also been linked to Osasuna's Czech international Jaroslav Plasil. I can't see this as a possibility, considering our depth in midfield at the moment, but at the same time, I love the thought of it. I am a really big Plasil fan. Admittedly I do not see him much more often than when Osasuna is playing Villarreal, but he is a tenacious player. I would happily see him in the squad even if it meant one more year of being on loan for a younger player.