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It has been a very busy week for me, which has meant that I haven't been around the site as much. But a lot has been going on as of late, mostly with rumors linking Villarreal players out to other teams for next year.

First, though, Villarreal B have had some good nes prior to their first leg against Jaen tomorrow. The yellow card against Juan Carlos in the dying minutes of the second match against Lorca has been rescinded, which means that he will be availble. The match is tomorrow in El Madrigal, and, with Villarreal allowing free admission, the place should be packed.

Action seems to be heating up over the future of Nihat. After suffering through injuries this season, he never found his groove, and ultimately never found the back of the net. That may cost him his spot on the team, especially as interest from Turkey has been hitting the high notes lately. He has been linked to Besiktas, but there seems to be a dispute over the transfer fee. Apparently if the Besiktas transfer falls apart, Fenerbahce could be a second option for the striker. Either way, it seems like he may be the second striker of the offseason to move on.

Another star player of the Yellow Submarine, Diego Lopez, is being linked away to Manchester United. The secondary danger of Real Madrid's disgusting spree is that other clubs are experiencing big paydays. With the ridiculous sum that Manchester United just received, a big-money keeper move could be possible. Luckily Lopez' clause is set at a lofty 20m euros. Even so, having Manchester United after one of your best players is unsettling.

In a surprising transfer link, Fabricio Fuentes has been rumored to be a possibility for Tigres of Mexico. It just so happens that Llaneza has been traveling down there this week, although allegedly the link is merely coincidental. Villarreal will be seeing Cesar Arzo back in the fold next year, but even then, if Fuentes moves on, surely we are a central defender short, as Cygan's contract is expiring.

Speaking of Llaneza in North America, some rumors suggest he is trying to arrange a tour for next summer that would see Villarreal in either the US or in Mexico.

For this preseason, it looks like Villarreal may be playing Colo-Colo and Universidad while in Chile, which could be a very entertaining matchup. Once the team returns to Spain, the expectation is that they will see an English team, and then perhaps Genoa of Italy. Nothing seems to be set in stone at the moment, though.

Now to some older news that I didn't get around to during my busy week.

It isn't clear yet where Mati Fernandez will end up on loan next year, but one possibility is Osasuna. I have a hard time picturing this, considering Osasuna's style, but if nothing else it would induce some faster run of play from the Chilean!

Llaneza returned from Mexico without having signed or sold any players, but there is still a possibility that some Villarreal players could end up on loan in the Mexican league. El Periodico Mediterraneo has suggested that Robert Flores, Damien Escudero, and Marco Ruben are all possibilities.

If Villarreal B do not progress to La Segunda A after their playoff against Jaen, Murcia is keen on seeing a couple of the team's stars on loan for a year. Matilla, who saw action for Villarreal in La Primera this season, and Chando, the pichichi of the B squad with 23 goals on the year, are both linked to the club.

And finally, Jefferson Montero scored for Ecuador to help the national team to a 1-2 win over Peru.