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Villarreal News

Villarreal players are now officially off until they are required to come back July 13th to begin training for next season. Once they come back, it will only be a short stint before the team takes off on a trans-Atlantic flight to the United States Chile to play two matches between July 28th and 30th in Santiago. We don't know yet who the opposition will be, as it seems that will be decided through communication with BTF International Group Ltd., the company with whom Villarreal reached the agreement to play over there.

Also, with all the Pellegrini rumors flying about, last week it was widely reported that the buyout clause for his contract is 3m euros - and, for that matter, that Florentino Perez and Real Madrid would try to get that lowered. The contract actually has a 4m euro buyout clause for transfering within La Liga, and a 3m euro clause if Pellegrini were to go abroad. That being said, Villarreal would appear extremely foolish to not get every penny out of Madrid, with high-spending Perez at the helm.