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Match Thread: Mallorca - Villarreal

  • Eight minutes in, scoreless here, scoreless in Madrid.
  • Ugh. 21' minute, Atletico is up 1-0. And in the 28th, Atletico probably puts it away, having scored their second. Europa League, here we come!
  • 30th minute, Cani scores! 1-0 (not that it means that much now).
  • Aduriz equalized in the 36th, but Llorente took the lead back in the 40th. Villarreal leads 1-2 in the 51st, but Atletico leads 3-0 at the same time. It's looking grim.
  • 53' Goal Llorente after a great pass from Cani, with a great pass to set him up from Angel? Llorente is on FIRE!
  • 68th minute: Cazorla in for Rossi - was that the last we will see of Rossi on the pitch in a Villarreal shirt?
  • So, in Madrid it is 3-0 in the 78th. Does Almeria have the greatest-ever comeback in them? ;)
  • Goal Mallorca (Webo) in the 90th. 2-3. I think he was offsides, but all the other calls have been going for Villarreal.
  • Final. 2-3. Three more points for Villarreal, and we finish with 65, comfortably in 5th, only three points (at the moment, Sevilla still has to play) out of third. Despite a couple of horrendous stretches, we only finished 12 points off last year's pace - which is not too bad.