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Midweek Injury Update

It might sound ridiculous, but Villarreal might have the likes of Marcos Senna and Santi Cazorla on the bench for the match at Mallorca. I would be shocked if Cazorla found his way into the match, but I could see Senna getting a little playing time. Cazorla has received medical clearance, though.

Villarreal will be without a number of players for the match on the island this weekend. Javi Venta is out with a torn muscle in his thigh.

Ibagaza is questionable with a strained muscle in his right thigh, and Rossi has a sprained left ankle which will leave the team unsure until later in the week as to his availability.

Also, Guille Franco will be suspended for his last match with Villarreal. He said his "goodbye" to the club. Kqql provided this video of Franco saying goodbye. Guille, thanks from us over here for your time with the club. Some important goals, some memorable moments, and more heart than anyone else on the pitch.

I just got back into town, so I should have more tomorrow.