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George Saunders & Villarreal C

Villarreal C

It is pretty hard to get news about Villarreal in the United States, and even harder to get information on the club's B side. When it comes to Villarreal C, though, it is virtually impossible.

With that said, though, I have been meaning to put up a link to a site that will at least fill a little bit of that void. Les Robifs is an England-based website that tracks the pursuits of English footballers playing outside of the Kingdom.

In particular as to Villarreal, the site is following George Saunders, a 19-year-old, London-born defensive midfielder plying his trade with the C squad. In the group photo above, he is the second player from the left in the second row. Saunders has previously been in the youth systems of Arsenal, Valencia, Levante, and Espanyol. The site is very in depth, covering a lot more than Saunders, obviously, but the former Londoner does have a special role in the founding of Les Robifs. From the website:

George Saunders is the inspiration behind this blog. His footballing story is completely different to that of the professional-released-from-his-English-club looked at so far.

So check it out when you get the chance. The more coverage of Villarreal - at any level - the better.