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Viera Out, Akinfeev In?

I guess this should have been a little obvious considering how long it was taking to come up with a contract renewal, but it looks like Sebastian Viera will be on his way out over the summer. The recent breakup between Villarreal and Viera's agent Fonseca also should have been an alarm bell (I know some people around here mentioned it, but I don't remember who). Regardless, it is looking like Viera is looking for the exit. He has admirably stayed quiet about playing time, never complaining to the media. I can't blame him for wanting to move to a club where he will get some playing time.

Of course, we still do not know if Diego Lopez will be sticking around.

Villarreal have apparently been looking at CSKA Moscow's Igor Akinfeev as a potential replacement. Akinfeev just turned 23 and has been starting for CSKA since age 17. He debuted with the Russian national team at age 18, and is now their first choice keeper.