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Other Quick Notes

Not much going on. Just a couple of quick news items:

  • It is looking like Sebastian Viera's contract will be renewed.
  • Rumors are that Villarreal will shortly announce the signing of 17-year-old Uruguayan sub-20 international central defender Leandro Cabrera, who plays for Defensor Sporting. (Dark_Age put up a link the other day). See below.
  • Diego Lopez is apparently continuing to attract a lot of attention from nearby - Barcelona - and abroad - Manchester City, ManU, and others. His statement: "This is praise for any footballer but now I am focused on Villarreal for the last few matches of this season." -- Not the most reassuring statement.
  • Villarreal will resume practice tomorrow after their thrilling comeback against Barcelona. Next hurdle: Saturday's match against Real Madrid.

Update on Cabrera: Not going to happen. The club couldn't reach a financial agreement with Daniel Fonseca, who owns his rights.