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Result: Barca 3 - 3 Villarreal

Wow. What a comeback from Villarreal! For most of the match, the team was clearly outclassed, and at points very lethargic. The free kick goal from Alves took all of the energy out of the squad, and it showed for the first 25 minutes of the second half. But a well-earned penalty, and a great solo move at the end, and Villarreal eek out a vital point for Europe. Hopes are still alive. The scoring:

12' Goal Keita, deflected off Gonzalo's leg.

22' Goal Llorente, beautifully set up by Ibagaza and Rossi.

24' Should have been a goal by Rossi, but Valdes makes a ridiculous save.

36' Goal Eto'o, after a great control by Iniesta.

45'+ Freekick goal from Alves, who then takes away from it by showing off his tats. Poor form, but that seems to be his attitude.

78' PK Goal Matigol, after Nihat is taken down in the box by Abidal, leading to a sending off of the Frenchman.

92' Goal Llorente, artfully taken down by Llorente who was covered by Puyol after a pass from midfield from Bruno (I think). Llorente knocks it in off the inside of the post.

That was pure mental toughness in the end from Villarreal, and good management - all three of the subs did what they were supposed to do after they came in. Not to mention, there were no suspension-laden yellow cards during the match. Excellent! ENDAVANT!