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Midfield Blues

Villarreal's midfield - remember how deep it was at the beginning of the year? - has become its achilles heel, as injuries continue to decimate the team. Now it is Cani who is out, having picked up a knock to his right leg in yesterday's match. Now it makes a little more sense why he was dropped at halftime, but it only makes it feel a little worse.

This weekend, Villarreal will be without Bruno, Cani, and Cazorla through injury, and without Pires through suspension. That will leave, from the first team, Senna, Eguren, Ibagaza, and Matias. I would really like to see Matilla get another start - he did well this past weekend. We need to make sure Ibagaza is fresh for next week. And hopefully Eguren is spending the entire week in bed in an effort to recover a bit - he must be exhausted with the amount he has been playing lately.

Although I am sure you have seen them, here are full highlights from yesterday's match. Watching over them again, I just think what could have been, and it hurts so bad. We will have a monumental task at the Emirates next Wednesday.

(I switched out the video - it is Arse-based commentary now, which is kind of interesting).