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Cani and Senna Ready

As Villarreal and its fans mourn the loss of one of its best and most loved players, there is a spark of good news. The midfield was in terrible shape yesterday, playing a large role in the eventual scoreline. There is recovery, though, for Tuesday's match. Marcos Senna and Cani both trained normally today, and will be ready to play.

When you count in the fact that Pires took a half day, Mati only played 40 minutes, and Ibagaza, Senna, Cani and Bruno were fully rested, the midfield should be able to manage on Tuesday.

On a completely unrelated point - can you imagine how miserable Nihat must have been, returning with Capdevila, Cazorla, Senna, and Lopez from Turkey to Vila-Real? Those four (especially Capdevila and Cazorla) were surely merciless.