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Pre-Match Villarrealian Ongoings

A couple of things have happened over the last couple of days, as have been noted in some of the comments below. I have had limited time/access to be able to post, so I figured I would thrown in a few of these before the match starts.

  • Pellegrini has repeatedly shut down rumors linking him with Florentino Perez's return to Real Madrid in the summer. "It is always a compliment for them to speak of you, but I am only thinking of Villarreal."
  • Mati Fernandez has indicated he wants to stay at Villarreal. Although it has been repeated here for months (years) without great results, he finally seems to have regained the confidence he had at Colo-Colo. Goals in his last two Villarreal matches, plus a goal for Chile during the last international break surely has him flying high. As Pires, Ibagaza, and Senna inevitably begin to slow down, Mati could begin to see his minutes shoot upward in the coming campaign. I really, really want to see him stick around.
  • Fuentes has joined up for another season. He will return to a backup role next year, but he has earned the dedication and admiration of Villarreal with his stellar performances over the past few months.