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Match Thread: Almeria - Villarreal

Check for feeds at And, to catch up on all the big news from Villarreal leading up to the match, see the new post put in below the match thread. Not sure if the above feed is working, but you can find the match at


FT: Well, that was just ugly.

85' Perhaps this match has gone so poorly that rather than discourage the team, it will simply make them mad. Especially if Cazorla is injured.

82' The match slowly winds down...

77' Guille Franco has basically been a warm body on the pitch.

73' Oh, and by the way, it looks like Cygan did take up a midfield position!

71' Cazorla is still not back on the field.

65' Perhaps we should have just forfeited and stayed at home.

64' Crap. Bad to worse to worse. Cazorla is stretchered off after a bad tackle from behind. He looks to be in serious pain. This could be bad.

63' Cygan comes in for Eguren. I have no idea what the defensive/midfield setup looks like now, unless we have five defenders, because there is no way Cygan is plying his football in midfield!

62' Gonzalo gets a yellow, but I have no idea why.

60' Well, Pires gets his rest. Not in the way I had hoped...a second yellow as he sends an Almeria player flying, and he sees red.

57' Good move by Mati in the corner, but his cross is cleared. Then, Matilla gets a good shot on goal, requiring a save.

56' Pires is kicked in the shin and takes a while to recover. It might be time to sub him out.

55' Interesting subs: Franco in for Rossi, and Mati in for Llorrente.

53' Cazorla was taken down hard, and is slow to get up, but he did manage it.

52' Escudero with another huge run in the Valladolid-Barcelona match. At least there is some sunshine on this rainy day.

50' Huge save by Diego Lopez to save (a bit of) our blushes.

49' Good news...just saw Escudero make an incredible run through the Barca defense!

46' Match is back on (as much as it ever was, anyway). Rossi is almost sent clear early, but can't control the pass from Llorente.

HT: Halftime, and nothing to write home abut, for sure. I expect Pellegrini to make a few changes at half, or just after. Pires and Eguren both should probably get a break to rest, and I would not mind seeing Llorente pulled to keep him fresh. We definitely were looking ahead to Tuesday when this match started, and I cannot imagine us getting all that focused for the second half.

44' Pires gets fouled, and, completely unexpectedly, gets up running his mouth. ;) He gets the yellow.

43' Showing a little life, Villarreal is called offsides on a decent chance at the top of the box. It looks like we will not score before the break, which is the only way we could realistically get back in the match.

42' Cazorla shoots just wide. The team looks defeated.

35' And it's over. 3-0. Villarreal now have to start really being worried about confidence levels heading into Tuesday - and, does worrying about confidence ever help?

32' Corner Villarreal...easily cleared.

31' Good cross by Capdevila into the box, but it is well-controlled by Almeria's keeper.

27' Great play by Pires sets up Rossi on a break into the box, but the defense was too tight for him to do anything with it.

25' Javi Venta is out next match, after picking up a yellow on a tackle in the left corner defending a break by Almeria.

22' Cazorla takes a knee to the head, but is none the worse for wear.

21' Brutal tackle by Fuentes = yellow card.

19' This might be a lost cause already. Negredo makes a great run down the right, defense is in shambles, he centers it, and it is 2-0.

18' After good buildup, Almeria earns a free kick on the edge of the box. No worries.

13' Good possession for Villarreal, but amounting to nothing. Eguren is knocked down and gets up holding his neck - he appears ok.

10' Free kick to Villarreal just outside the box. Headed out for a corner.

7' Well, crap. Almeria scores in the 7th minute. Javi Venta was beat on the right, and then, I believe it was Fuentes who was beat to the header. Not good.

6' Pires shot is saved in goal. Uneventful match early. Then Llorente gets a shot on goal, too.

3' Easy save for Lopez in the center of goal. The feeds today are pretty bad, so blogging this match will not be easy!

Match On: Matilla gets his first-ever start today. Javi Venta comes in on four yellows, while Eguren carries 9. They both need to be careful as to not pick up a suspension for the Malaga match.