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Jozy Getting the Start

In about twenty minutes, the US - Trinidad match will begin, and Jozy Altidore will get the start, despite not playing for his club. I will be very interested to see his movement tonight, and his effort. I will keep this post updated with any goals he scores and highlights, if he scores.

13' Goal Altidore, streaking into the middle after a good run, fed by Donovan.

41' Altidore misses the easiest goal of his life - middle of the 6-yard box, 3 yards out. Wow.

69th Minute Thoughts: The US should be up by quite a few more - their play is lackluster to say the least. Jozy has showed good effort, especially coming back to help on defense. I continue to be disappointed with his movement in and around the box, though. It was a great run he made for the goal, but if you watch him, most of the time he sits there, waiting, without significant movement. His whole life he has been better than any defender any team could put up against him, but that isn't the case any more, and he has to realize it. Also, somewhat surprising, he doesn't seem to be able to time his jumps on 50/50 balls - every time, it seems, he is on his way down when the ball gets to him, and he either doesn't touch it or can't maintain control. But he has not had a bad game by any means.

71' And as I say all that, Altidore scores again, on another feed from Donovan. Xerez is going to have a hard time keeping him on the bench. The control was excellent, and it was decent movement coming down the pitch on his side to get there.

89' Altidore gets his third - a questionable non-offsides call, and Michael Bradley sends it across to Donovan, who centers for Altidore. Altidore, looking half asleep (he can't be in full match-shape), hits a shot that admittedly should have been saved, but it squeaks in, and he has now scored 5 goals in WC qualifying. Not bad for three matches!

UPDATE: Highlights of Jozy's goals: