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Match Thread: Valladolid - Villarreal

Stream: Starting lineup:

Venta, Gonzalo, Godin, Capdevila
Cani, Bruno, Eguren, Pires
Llorente, Rossi


94' Game over. 0-0, with a penalty opportunity and 30 minutes against 10 men. 6th place. Dreaming of Europa League. Truly feeling miserable right now.

93' Ibagaza sends it out. This match is over.

92' Cani shoots just wide.

90+ Four minutes extra time. Valladolid just had a clear, clear shot on goal(perhaps offsides), but he sent it clear over anyway.

90' Mati wins a free kick from 25 yards. Ibagaza's kick is headed well over by Capdevila.

86' Nihat with a terrible shot.

85' Nihat with a good turn and shot (off Mati's head), easily savedIbagaza in for Bruno. Too late.

83' Another corner for Valladolid - their 10th.

81' Our goalscoring woes continue. This is looking more and more like 0-0.

77' Cani makes some great moves getting into the box, but then lops it up easily for the keeper.

75' It's the 75th minute. 15 minutes to score. And things are not looking very positive at the moment.

73?' Mati comes in for Pires. Without a clock, I have lost track of the time.

71' Ooooh, Gonzalo nearly puts it in our own net off a Valladolid free kick!

70' Nihat comes in for Rossi. Hopefully 20 minutes is enough time for he to get off the snide.

68' Good passing, and Villarreal wins a corner. Whoa. How can we keep coming so close without scoring?

65' Escudero is subbed out for Valladolid, as they go more defensive. And yet they still make it forward and get a decent shot, but just over. Possession: Valladolid 59%, Villarreal 41%.

64' How disappointing. But Villarreal are now showing much more confidence going forward.

63' PENALTY!!! Great pass from Pires into Llorente in the box, and he is chopped down from behind! And a red card! Rossi takes it...NOOOO! He shoots it clear over!

58' Aaah! Capdevila hits just wide! Side netting, but so close after a good move on his part in the box.

Alex, go straight to, and click on the link through there - it might make a difference for you. Not sure if that link above works directly.

56' Ooh. Defense just let the Valladolid striker run through them onto goal, but luckily Lopez was there. On the offensive side, it is past time to bring in some fresh blood.

54' Still 0-0.

53' Another corner to Valladolid...and my feed freezes.

52' NO NO NO! We have a wide open goal, and Javi Venta and Rossi sit on it in the box, and gives the keeper time to get back to save the shot. Horrible!

51' Such a chance in front of goal, and we make nothing of it! So frustrating!

50' Nihat and Jordi Pablo are warming up on the sideline, and I think I saw either Mati or Ibagaza.

49' Corner for Valladolid, and it was equally dangerous. It seems that both teams are feeling a little more love for the idea of a goal - not clear if it will happen, though.

48' Should have done better, but Javi Venta wins a corner. OH! Llorente was called for a foul, but the ball fell right there - it could have been a great opportunity.

46' With Atletico Madrid's win yesterday, we are now in 6th place on goal differential (and head-to-head, for that matter). We have to start winning, and soon. Second half begins...

HT: Valladolid is playing the better match at this point - especially in the midfield. Our midfield seems to be virtually nonexistent, except for the very occasional move from Pires or Bruno. But, Villarreal's defense has come through better than in recent matches, and we are still in it. The match is 50/50 - we could easily sneak out of here with the three points if our midfield started to connect a little with our forwards, but if things keep going the way they are now, we won't score today.

45+ Another shot on goal for Escudero. He is warming up a bit.

45' On replay, definitely a penalty against Capdevila. But no call. Kqql - I thought the Valladolid attacker touched the ball to the side befor Capdevila got his foot.

44' WOW. Probably should have been a penalty to Valladolid, after a rough tackle in the box, but none called!

42' Gonzalo with a most ungainly clearance leads to a Valladolid shot, but it sails harmlessly over.

40' Corner to Villarreal. Godin gets his head on it, but it is nowhere close. Looked promising, though.

38' Great effort by Gonzalo coming forward to win the ball, but a poor pass by Bruno loses the momentum.

37' More pressure from Valladolid. This is an extremely narrow pitch. A

35' Rossi is found offsides, whereas he lost a golden opportunity. Disappointing.

33' Valladolid is playing better than we are, but neither team feels like they are playing to win at this point.

30' More danger in front of goal, as Valladolid's shot is blocked out for a corner.

28' As I say that, Escudero gets a shot on goal, but from the right side of the Valladolid attack.

27' Gonzalo's back on the pitch. Escudero is playing for Valladolid, but most of the action has come down the right side from Valladolid, rather than where Escudero is playing. Corner to Valladolid. The ball went all over the box, but nothing came of it.

24' Gonzalo took a head to the nose, and is bleeding all over the place. Might have broken it, but he should be able to continue.

21' Possession in the box, but we can't coordinate decent action directed on goal.

18' Offsides on Valladolid, but our defense just let them right through. Very luck for us that it isn't advantage Valladolid. Possession: Valladolid, 56%, Villarreal, 44%.

16' Aaahhhh! Rossi receives a good pass after it is played by Villarreal from the back, but his chip is easily stopped by the keeper.

14' Horrible defense by us, always a step behind, and Valladolid is inches off a cross from taking the lead.

12' Corner to Valladolid - cleared.

11' Gonzalo sent Capedevila clear up the left side with an excellent pass, but his cross was taken in by the keeper.

8' Llorente seems to have damaged a defender's head at the corner of the box. Foul called on Llorente, which is disappointing, because we were having some positive movement up front. Not perfectly coordinated, but we at least looked like we were hoping to get near the goal.

4' Javi Venta is captain. Valladolid has a lot of the early possession.

1' Match on!