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Match "Preview": Valladolid - Villarreal

Sorry, but this one has to be a little short. My weekend has been crazy busy - hopefully you can forgive me! But it is a huge match for Villarreal. We have eight matches to go, and we sit one point behind Valencia, and a seemingly insurmountable 9 points behind Sevilla, with Atletico and Malaga biting at our heels. We can no longer drop ANY points, especially when you stop and consider that we have the likes of Barcelona and Madrid in our future.

Valladolid will be without Jonathan Sesma, who Villarreal will not miss - Sesma scored the first two goals of the match when these two teams first came together this season.

Villarreal's squad is in the post below. I disagree with Kqql's lineup, but have no reason to think I will be more right than he is. I think it should look like this:

Diego López
Javi Venta - Gonzalo - Godin - Bruno
Cani - Eguren - Ibagaza - Pires
Rossi - Llorente

Admittedly, this is a lineup we have not seen yet. I would like to see Angel and Capdevila get a rest - they were both slow midweek, and Capdevila is showing a knock. Also, we have to score goals. There is no question about it. And with Ibagaza, Cani, and Pires in the midfield, I think it is more likely. I would not even mind, although this is a bit of a stretch, seeing Jordi Pablo in for some freshness in place of Cani.

The match is at 11am eastern. I will link to any streams I can find here, but as always, check out for your best bet.